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Northwest Division

Inspector Dale Solie
Inspector Dale Solie
Officer in Charge: Inspector Dale Solie
Population (2012): 74,176 (32% of total)
Dwelling Units (2012): 28,183
Commercial Businesses: 2,552
Geographic Area: 82.54 sq. km. (47.6% of total)

To contact this inspector call 306-975-8314

Requires Adobe Reader.  Northwest Division Monthend Crime Stats for June 2014

Northwest Division Quick Facts

  • The Northwest Division accounts for one third of Saskatoon's population and nearly half of the land area.
  • It consists of 20 residential neighborhoods, one business area, five industrial neighborhoods, four management areas and Agriplace. In addition, there are two development areas including North Development Area and Blairmore Development Area.
  • There was a 2.0% population increase in the North West Division from 2011 to 2012. The most noticeable increases occurred in Blairmore Suburban Centre (423%), Hampton Village (79%) and Confederation Suburban Centre (11%).
  • There are 29 elementary schools in the North West Division and four high schools, all having a School Resource Officer (SRO) assigned to them.
  • Many of the commercial businesses in North West Division are concentrated in the Industrial Areas, Confederation and Lawson Suburban Centres, as well as 51st Street.

*Information above provided by the City of Saskatoon, Planning & Development Branch.



Offence Type 2012 2013 % Change
Crimes Against the Person 935 865 -7.49%
Crimes Against Property 4,020 3,573 -11.12%
Other Criminal Code Violations 1,174 1,019 -13.20%
Controlled Drug and Substance Act 172 170 -1.16%
Other Federal Statute Violations 153 91 -40.52%
Provincial Statute Violations 1,851 1,899 2.59%
Municipal Bylaws 219 150 -31.51%
Traffic Accidents 2,261 2,307 2.03%

*RMS statistics on record as of April 4, 2014. Crime statistics are constantly being updated due to new information being received, changes in reporting procedures, and ongoing investigations. As a result, data may differ from previously published reports.


District Map